Tips for Styling Frustration

Stylists are constantly being asked for styling tips, which is awesome! It feels great to have guests trust your opinion on anything hair related. I love showing a guest a new way to style their hair. However, sometimes guests give up quickly when trying to learn a new style out of frustration. Here are a few tips to get going and inspired to try that new style.

5) Give Yourself a Break

Cut yourself some slack if the style doesn’t come out right the first time. No one (including veteran stylists) get everything exactly perfect the first time. Remember when watching YouTube videos or browsing Pinterest that the people most likely practiced that particular style over and over again.

4) You Are Not Doc Ock

For those who don’t know, Doc Ock is a character in Spider-Man who has four extra robotic arms fused with his spine. What I’m trying to say is, you only have two hands. The easiest and quickest way to ruin a style is to try to do everything at once. Instead of focusing on the overall style, break it into its components and attack one aspect at a time. Watch your stylist next time. We clip things, pin things, put rubber bands in… all of these things help us break the style into pieces and parts.

3) Your Stylist Has a Lot Of Training.. You Do Not

Most stylists have thousands of hours of training on how to do hair. It’s going to be way easier and faster for a stylist to execute a style. If it takes your stylist 30 minutes to bust out that sweet braid you’ve been eyeing, but an hour into the style you’ve started over three times and now have a rubber band stuck in your hair… do not fret! Your stylist has probably done that braid, or one similar, 100 times. Take a breath, try to untangle that rubber band, and start fresh for the fourth time.

2) Take Your Time

Seems like a simple enough concept, but you’d be amazed by how many people (myself included) have attempted a style 30 minutes before they’re supposed to leave. DO NOT DO THIS! Procrastination is never good, especially when it comes to hair. Double, triple or even quadruple the amount of time you allow yourself to complete your desired look. If possible, practice a few days before and work out any kinks. Take note of what you did well and what took you a few times to get right. That way when you go back a second time, you’ll knock it out of the park!

1) Try To Get Away Without Product, I Dare You

It still blows my mind after 5 years of doing hair, that there are people who are so anti-product when it comes to their hair. It’s like saying, “No thanks, I’d like to make this way harder for myself. I like to suffer while doing my hair.” Before I became a hairstylist, I never used product. It wasn’t until I started cosmetology school that I learned just how difficult I was making it for myself. Do yourself a favor, get some quality styling products (from a salon) and use them. Find what’s going to make it easiest for you to style your hair and ask your stylist how to use it. Better yet, watch what they are using and ask why they’re using that particular product and how. When it comes to product, cheaper does not mean better. Consider spending a few extra bucks to get a superior product. Plus, when you buy from a salon, you’re helping out that stylist you love so much! 

The most important thing to remember is, never give up! Styling hair isn’t easy, so I hope these tips breath life into your styling spirit. Now go get ‘em tiger! Master that braid, attack that twist… hell, attempt flat iron curls again!