What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask that you please cancel any appointments with a 24 hour notice. While we understand emergencies happen and last minute things come up, you are subjected to charges if you do not give us at least 60 minutes notice for re-booking your reservation. If you have a scheduled appointment and leave us with a no call/no show we can and will charge you, in full, for your service.

Should I arrive with clean or dirty hair?

Well, complex question. It honestly depends what service you are having completed…
Generally, we ask that you use your best judgment, do what you are comfortable with.. Of course, we prefer that you do not wash your own hair on the day of your service (typically your hair does not need cleaned twice in the same day) unless it is 100% necessary but we also do not want to put our hands/tools in your hair if it has 3 weeks of build up and was last washed with a baking soda and vinegar rinse. If you are coming in for a signature haircut we will ALWAYS wash your hair for you. If you are coming in for a color or texture service it is best that the color does not need to eat through 6 days of product..

It is part of our job to wash your hair for you. Even for you, fellas.. we delight in pampering you, so please..make your own life easier and let us do the heavy lifting on the day of your appointment.